DIY Lip Scrubs You’ll Love

DIY Lip Scrubs You'll Love

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There’s nothing like a luxurious lip scrub to get rid of dry, dull lips. With all of the DIY lip scrubs you’ll love to try, there’s no reason to have chapped lips.  A couple minutes using the scrub, and you’ll reveal fresh moisturized and glowing lips with a more natural color.

Plus because you can make it at home, it is actually quite simple to customize it to fit your specific needs. For instance, if you need more abrasive qualities, you’ll want to use more white sugar than brown sugar. And you can add any flavor that you like. Once a week (two times at the most), rub your lip scrub vigorously onto your lips so it loosens the dead skin. Let it sit for about a minute, and then wipe the mixture off with a damp washcloth.

What are the main ingredients in a typical DIY lip scrub?

The typical go-to ingredients for lip exfoliation is to combine organic raw honey and white or brown sugar. Between the moisturizing power of the honey and the abrasiveness of the sugar, it’s the perfect combination to treat your dry lips.  Also, you can add a bit of vanilla extract if you want flavor.  Another lip scrub that is similar to the this one is made with coconut oil instead of honey.  It really depends on your preference. Either way you are getting rid of dead skin that is on your lips and you are adding intense hydration at the same time.

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