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Health Benefits of Champagne

Do you need an excuse to have a drink?  When you think about drinking alcohol, you may not think of all of the health benefits of champagne. While it is well-known for celebrating and having a good time, it also has a whole host of health benefits. Like red and white wine, champagne can be […]

Skin Care

Lifestyle and Skin Care for Twentysomethings

  Having the healthy glow of someone in their 20s gets difficult as you get older.  The aging process tends to start in your late 20s and early 30s.  Collagen is not produced as much, and this can lead to thinning skin.  In addition, the sweat and oil gland production tends to decrease, which makes […]


How to be a Better You in the New Year

Striving to improve yourself does not mean you’re not already a strong person or that you have little self-confidence.  It can’t hurt to learn how to be a better you in the new year. If you’re not making an effort to improve your life, then something might be amiss. However, it’s not as easy as just […]


Bad Habits Could be Ruining Your Beauty Routine

Everyone has habits that are not good ones, but what you may not be aware of is that some of them are actually more harmful than others.  If you don’t get a handle on these bad habits sooner than later, you could end up having to expend even more effort to repair damage created by […]

Smiles and Frowns are Contagious

Why smiles and frowns are contagious

Social psychologists are trying to understand the reason why a smile is so infectious, and they are coming up with some very interesting ideas. Researchers have noted that when meeting someone face to face, our brains tell us to mimic their expressions, subconsciously, before even one second has elapsed. This rapid effect is limited in […]